Department of Human Sciences Presents Career and Counsel Session

On October 30th from 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm the Department of Human Sciences hosted their Fall 2018 Career and Counsel Session in the Eunice Powell Building.
The program was presided over by Dr. Edith Ezekwe, Instructor of Food, Nutrition and Community Health Sciences. The faculty and staff of the Department participated in the program. Alice J. Leach, Instructor in Child Development, gave the invocation. Dr. Martha Ravola, Interim Chair/Associate Professor in the Department of Human Sciences, introduced the guest speaker Madeline England, Director of the Community Health and Prevention Program, Mississippi Department of Health.
England made an informative presentation to all students in the Department about the career opportunities in the field of community health and urged students to be prepared for the workforce. She shared her personal experiences and encouraged students to build professional skills. She gave a very thought provoking illustration about Equity and Equality and perspectives professionals must have to be effective. She highlighted the needs of the community and the potential opportunities students can seek. England stated, “We are all students of community health since it is a field that will always require learning from the community. The public we serve doesn’t require us to tell them the problems but rather highlight the issues, so ask why, and develop their responses into high impact, data driven solutions for policies and interventions.”
Following England’s presentation, Dr. Joey J. Mitchell, Director of Career Services, shared advice on career preparation and professional dressing. He also shared with students the career workshops and recruitment opportunities available through his office. Thereafter,  Michael Trusclair, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) 1890 Liaison, discussed career opportunities within the USDA. He emphasized the importance of discipline and punctuality as credentials for success. He challenged students to strive for excellence and shared his personal recollections and professional success.
Next, was an entertaining yet educational skit on professionalism performed by students Jalen Herrington, Agriculture Business Management major and James R. Upton, Physical Therapy major.  The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Arthur Owens, Director, Child Development Learning Center.
Renita Lacy, Staff Writer for the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences stated, “The Career and Counsel Session was very informative, not only for students, but for the faculty and staff as well.  It never hurts to take advice and constructive criticism from wise and more experienced colleagues or peers.  We learn something new every day and I’ll be sure to take everything that I learned into consideration from this day forth.”
For further information about the Department of Human Sciences, please contact Dr. Ravola at or at (601) 877-4717.