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5 reasons not to attend college while already involved a relationship

Most believe going to college is nerve wrecking but going to college while in a relationship can be a hundred times more stressful. Yes, having a significant other could help you as a support system, but can apply a lot more unwanted pressure on you while in college. Here are five reasons why one should not go to college involved in a relationship.


Being in a relationship in college can stop one from becoming their true self. A relationship in college can prevent you from experiencing college to the absolute fullest. A relationship in college can cause one to miss beneficial opportunities. A relationship can also play with one’s mental and emotional state. You will always feel like you are being held back.


Clear communication in a relationship while in college, in some instances, can be slim to none. Clear communication is hard while in college because most of your time is taken up with going to class, studying, hanging out with friends, and making time for yourself.


A relationship is nothing without trust. A relationship in college is doomed without trusting each other. It is hard to have a strong striving relationship in college because you never truly know what the other person is doing. It is hard to trust one another while in college because there is a vast variety of people for them to choose from and you don’t know if they are choosing you.


It is not bright to be in a relationship while in college because of the potential distance being put between you. Simply because you will not be able to see each other as much as you would like. Eventually, you will grow weary of the endless Facetime calls, random and sporadic pop-up visits, and the true feeling of never knowing what is going on with each other.

  1. TIME

You will barely have time for your significant other. Your time will not be split evenly. While trying to spend and make time with your significant other, deep down you know you need to be putting that time and energy into your school work. You will tend to lose focus of your scholastic goals trying to please them.

I hope someone will find these five reasons helpful on why it is not the best idea to go to college in a relationship.

Marissa Smith
Marissa Smith
Marissa Smith is a Junior Mass Communications major from Monticello, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic year.


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