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7 Different Ways To Say No

Sometimes in life you have to make a choice. However, sometimes saying no can be hard to do, especially if you are a person that does not say no often. Here are 7 ways that you can say no and feel completely comfortable with yourself after.


There may be times when you are in an environment that you do not feel comfortable with or a situation that you do not want to be involved in. One way to avoid any further problems is to remove yourself from the situation. Find the nearest exit or way out and leave as soon as possible. Never stay in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, especially if you have the option to get out of it.


Your friend may ask you to do something or go out, but as you’re listening to the proposed agenda, you notice that this is not something that you would like to get involved in. In this case, it is ok to simply tell your friend that you will pass and explain why. This tactic will suffice if you have something else better to do with your time, or if you just do not want to attend as well as not being so harsh on your friends and their feelings.


There may come a time when you will be asked to do or participate in something. You may say no, however, they try to peer pressure you, hoping that you will finally fold and confide in the activities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and standing by your decision. No means no, and if you do not want to do something, then that is your choice. Nobody should have the ability to make you do anything that you do not want to do.


No can be a response to certain situations in different ways. There may come a day where someone is bothering you or trying to get under your skin. They try so hard; it gets to the point where you want to do something or say something to them. Do not let them get you to that point none whatsoever. In some situations, you may be able to revisit the first tip and just leave the situation at hand. However, if you are not able to leave at a given time, then try your best to ignore the person and continue on with your day in the best way possible.


As stated earlier, the term no can be used in many different forms. There are many instances where a person will try their hardest to change you. By surrounding yourself with people who respect your wishes, this is you saying no to the potential change in character within yourself that you do not want to go through with. What if you do not want to change? What if you do not want to do things just because your friends are doing it? Surround yourself with people who are going to respect your perspective on the matter rather than people who want to try and make you become a different person.


Let’s say you have worked your absolute hardest at work, and you finally get the chance to have some down time. However, your mind has been so focused on working that it becomes something you want to do more of. In this case, it is good to find things that will distract you from all the commotion for a while. Spend time with your family, go on a walk, go to a park, workout, play games, relax, or maybe even sleep. These are just a few ways you can say no to your brain; the organ that does a hard job of always wanting to work harder and be better every second of every day. It is okay to take a load off every once in a while, everyone needs it.


The last, and easiest way to say no is to just say it. It doesn’t matter how anyone else feels about it or what they would prefer for you to do. You are in control of your life; therefore, you should be able to make decisions for yourself without any explanation.

Brandon Buie
Brandon Buie
Brandon Buie is a Freshman Mass Communications major from Natchez, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Camps Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic year.


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