A Lost Love

From the womb to birth 
Disconnection so soon 
Pushed in different directions 
Is she breathing? was the question 
Days, weeks, months, years later
Now a full grown woman but still missing a mother who’s words were soft concerns 
But now drifting darts to her soul 
Shattered into so many pieces
Scars deep and wounded to her core 
Blood sweat and tears  
All they knew was the hurt and abuse 
But deep inside loved each other like Christ loves them when he died for their sins 
Never shown because the connection had been lost since she came out the womb 
Speeding to recovery 
Is she too late or out of time
Because when you put it in his hands he’ll always fix it on time
Are the broken hearts willing or will they die? 
The pains too deep to survive 
Intense heart beating 
Trembling limbs 
Confused thoughts 
Numb to the commotion 
When she feels a touch from her mother with concerning eyes 
A connection that was lost
Destroyed and tossed 
Has now been blessed 
And restored with miracles and an everlasting bond