A New Song

A time will come when we can live in happiness, not times of despair to harden us.

We will be rejoiced with a new song which shows an astonishing amount of loss which has been turned into love, feeling new things and thinking new thoughts.

New eyes with a new vision seeing brighter pictures that we could never imagine visioning, laughing a new laugh filled with purity and sanity and not being conformed to the world of just anything.

I’m saying this because we have hard times ahead of us, but we can’t just live to live but live for what is real and stand by our loved ones and cherish the ones that are long gone and try to sing a new song.

I know we might feel down, but just know God’s presence is always around. We have been given sour fruit attached to dry and defenseless roots, we are starving for justice, thirsty for equality and dreaming of our hopes and prayers to eventually become reality.

While settling in silence for sour grapes and soggy almonds, it’s crazy because we’re supposed to be black kings and queens and we should be singing a new song. I’m whistling a new tune and hopping to a new groove.

The truth is hidden but if you ever pay attention and you want some guidance, all you have to do is listen. Your ancestors watch over you and carry their old songs and bring about new ones for your listening pleasure. Just do what you have to do and don’t wait for change because change is waiting for you.

Janee Washington
Janee Washington
Janee Washington is a Senior Mass Communications major from New Orleans, Louisiana. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 school year.


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