Abortion: Common Sense Against Social Morals


Abortion happens when there are deliberate steps to end a pregnancy. However, it is an important step to take in one’s life because it determines what happens from that moment on. While some people believe that abortion is not morally right and frown against it, many people choose to have an abortion based on their individual circumstances. People may decide to opt for abortion because it interferes with their educational plans, it is unintended, and they are aware that the baby is disabled.

First, the dilemma of terminating a pregnancy can arise when it is interfering in the educational plans of the people involved. For instance, the party involved are still in college or even worse, high school. This pregnancy could put the lives of the people involved on hold because they are still in school and are not physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially ready to have a child. In this situation, what are they expected to do? Should they put their future on hold because of a pregnancy when they have another option? People may argue that it is wrong because killing an innocent human being is wrong, and that life begins at conception, but we should also consider the fact that the party involved may not be capable of providing the baby with the life it deserves.

Another major reason why people abort pregnancies is because it wasn’t intended, therefore, they were not prepared for it. The process of having and taking care of a child is very expensive and one must be financially stable. For some people, they already have enough children and having an unplanned pregnancy can throw the family into turmoil. There are also cases of women who are struggling single moms and those who don’t want to become single moms. Morally, people will argue that they deserve that because they were promiscuous, and they could have prevented the pregnancy. The fact is, people from different and diverse backgrounds experience unwanted pregnancies and contraceptives are not always available or effective and people are not always in the position to consent to sex.

Finally, people can decide to terminate a pregnancy when they learn that the child is disabled. Technology has developed to the point where one can undergo prenatal testing to know what illness or disease a baby is going to have. According to www.slate.com, in Hawaii, more than 90 percent of women who learn that they have a fetus with Down Syndrome choose to terminate their pregnancies and roughly one-half of all women whose babies have brain defects or major abdominal defects also elect abortion. Most parents will not want a disabled child and if they have the choice of terminating the pregnancy, why shouldn’t they go for it? It is better to terminate the pregnancy at that stage because later on, the child will have a difficult life of being looked down upon and treated differently. In other words to avoid having a child that is going to have a tough life, abortion is a very attractive option. Therefore, parents should be given the opportunity to decide whether to have the baby.

People that go for abortion should not be looked at as being irresponsible. No one should be forced to have an abortion, and no one should be cursed out for deciding to have one. People should be free to make decisions for themselves without the fear of what other people will say or think.