Abortion: Right or Wrong?

What is the first thought that comes to mind when the word abortion arises in a conversation? According to Webster’s Dictionary, abortion is the ending of pregnancy by killing the fetus before it can fully develop. Some women will go this route as they are not ready to deal with the responsibilities that come with bringing a child into the world. Many people have different views on the practice of abortion. Over the years it has become a very controversial topic about whether this practice is right or wrong. 
Abortion is a method that has been used for many years. When a woman goes through with the option of abortion, she is killing the child before it really has a chance to develop. This is wrong because this is a life that is being ended voluntarily. Some would refer to it as murder and in a way this is somewhat accurate. Others would disagree because technically the fetus is still inside the womb and has not fully developed yet. Scientifically speaking, a fetus is still alive because at six weeks it will start to have a heartbeat. The question is why choose to murder an innocent life that did not ask to be brought into this world? When asking some women why they are choosing this route, nine out of ten will say they are not ready for a child. There is an old saying that goes, “There is a consequence to every action made in life.” Innocent lives should not be ended because of a mistake someone made as an adult.
There is a video on the surgical process of aborting a baby. It does not matter how far along the baby is, the process will still be the same. The surgeon will take a clamp and go in to pull the baby out piece by piece. They will start with the arms, the legs, the abdomen and then pull the cranium out which will end up breaking into pieces because of the force they are pulling it out with.  This would be the case with a pregnancy that is far along. If the woman is aborting the baby between six to ten weeks, it will be able to fit in the palm of your hand after it has been removed. In a Biblical sense, God says that it is a sin to commit any type of murder. If you murder someone in self -defense, then that is justifiable with reason. Murdering a baby that has not even seen life is a crime no matter how anyone tries to make it sound. 
There are always two sides to an argument. Even though abortion is wrong on a certain level, sometimes it is done with reason. This is the case with rape victims sometimes. First you have to think about the fact that rape is a horrendous crime that many women experience throughout the world. It is a traumatizing experience that not only effects someone physically but mentally as well. In saying this, what woman would want to find out she is also pregnant from this situation? This is just an everyday reminder of the heinous tragedy that is imprinted into her life. Abortion would be acceptable in this case. Yes, an innocent life is still being ended but the mother’s mental state is at hand in that moment. The one thing that would be even worse than aborting the child would be the mother bringing this child into the world and treating the child like a pariah everyday of its life. All children need to be loved by their parents, as it is the stepping stone that will impact the rest of their life.
Another way abortion is justifiable is if the mother`s life is in danger health wise. This would be the case with a woman who has anemia, leukemia, high risk cancer or any type of serious illness. In some cases, the mother would go ahead with the pregnancy because her love for the baby overpowers her worry about her health. If the mother and the child are in danger, abortion is also acceptable. The doctors will most likely evaluate the case and see which option is the best to take. Another serious case would be if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy. This is when the egg is growing in the fallopian tube when it should be attached to the uterus. There is nothing that can be done to save the egg if it is ectopic. This can be deadly to a woman, so abortion or any form of getting rid of the egg is necessary. These cases of abortion would not be wrong because there is a reason behind aborting the baby. These women would not be doing it just because they feel they are too young or not ready for the responsibilities of raising a child.