AKAs Present “Keep It Klassy: A Guide to Professional Media Usage”


To complete their “Fall Into Flourish Week”, the Gamma Phi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA), Incorporated held the event “Keep It Klassy: A Guide to Professional Media Usage” on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

AKA member Heather Jackson stated, “The AKAs wanted to educate everyone who attended on what and what not to do on social media and what’s a good look and what’s not.” The event boasted a nice turnout of both males and females. The AKAs were assisted by the men of the Gamma Pi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi (KAY) Fraternity, Incorporated who provided a male perspective of how to properly conduct one’s self on social media.

Kappa Alpha Psi member Cedric Anderson Jr. stated, “The purpose of the event was to discuss professional social media use at a young age and to keep college students up to par.” The Greeks highlighted how one should use social media as a platform to showcase their unique skills and interests for professional purposes and potential job opportunities. Knowing how to conduct yourself on social media is similar to how one should conduct themselves in public. One wouldn’t want their boss seeing inappropriate pictures of them excessively drinking or using drugs. The Kappas chimed in to add that one should not complain about their current job or past employers online because it can affect future job opportunities. Employers are on social media and they can view your public accounts.

Another tip presented by the group was that it’s best to remain neutral and avoid heated topics. They advised those in attendance to avoid posting fights and partaking in them because with social media, the world seems so small and everyone can feel as though they know who you are even though they truly do not. Even a simple argument with your significant other on social media can invite the world into watching your life for entertainment.

The AKAs encouraged their guests to be genuine on social media but remain cautious about how they appear to others because the content you post now can follow you for the rest of your life. One should engage in intelligent conversations and display their leadership skills to appeal to lurking potential employers. Another interesting topic that was brought up which can affect you is who you follow and retweet. 

A strong statement was made during the open discussion portion of the event that social media can also endanger you. Nowadays, most media content advertises your locations 24/7. One can easily find themselves in a dangerous situation because of this feature. The Greeks concluded their presentations by pointing out to the attendees to always be cautious with every aspect of social media and to think twice before you post.