Album Review: 1992


The well-known and established rapper ‘The Game’ released his newest album on October 14th 2016. This album is unique from any other Hip-Hop album of today. He raps about various events that occurred in his early childhood such as the murders of many of his closets family members and historical events that happened leading up to the year 1992. This album is something many listeners can learn from due to his vivid lyrics on the LA Riots in South Central, Los Angeles. Furthermore ‘The Game’ explains the struggle of growing up in a world of gang wars between the Bloods and Crips and how these gangs formed the person he is today. The album includes 13 tracks and is headlined by the record ‘All Eyez’ featuring Jeremih. With songs focused on getting listeners to understand his perspectives on life, he has allowed listeners a very personal intake on the street life of Compton, California.

The album was produced by Bongo, Cool & Dre, J.P., and the brilliant Scott Storch among others. These California producers have again produced beats and sounds authentic to native Hip-Hop lovers of the state while ‘The Game’ compliments these sounds with his distinctive ability to catch the listener’s attention.   “1992” is an album with purpose unlike many of the rap albums in today’s culture.

In addition, the cover of the album represents itself effectively. The art on the cover was inspired by Snoop Dogs’ “Doggy Style” album cover.  On ‘The Game’s’ cover  you see a young male portrayed as ‘The Game’ being pulled by both arms by gang members in blue and gang members in red. The gang members in blue represent the Cribs while the gang members in red represent the Bloods. Also we see art of a man in a vehicle with a gun to his head while being pursued by a host of police cars and we identify this depiction as OJ Simpson. Lastly the cover shows a very touching drawing of a falling crown of an African American man who is on the ground while several police officers proceed to strike and stomp him.  That image reflects what many people perceive to have happened to Rodney King.

The album “1992” is highly recommended on the facts that not only does it provide unique lyrics from a perspective many Hip-Hop listeners lack in today’s music but it also can be informative or lead listeners to do their own research to learn about what transpired in the year 1992 in urban California. The Game’s album “1992” gets 8 stars out of 10 stars.