Album Review: Beach House 3


Having the opportunity to sum up Ty Dolla $ign’s third installment of the Beach House series entitled ‘Beach House 3′ which was released on October 27, 2017 by Atlantic Records would go a little something like this, “California Vibes in the Fall.” Now if you’re from an area where you experience gruesome Fall and Winter weather you probably can’t relate to that phrase but this album will help you.

Being an active music listener, you tend to understand and notice that a lot of music tends to change with the seasons. When it starts to get cold, usually during the Fall and Winter, you’ll notice that R&B/Rap musicians lay low with club vibes and gravitate to the slower and darker angelic beats but on ‘Beach House 3′  Ty$ does the opposite. The 20 track album isn’t made for you to lounge around the house and soak in your sorrow instead it makes you want to forget about the cold, grab your sun tan oil and bikini or trunks and go to a beach house.

The album begins with an acoustic R&B track entitled “Famous” which talks about how everyone wants this instant overnight fame. “They ain’t worried ‘bout who they steppin’ on, no/Just as long as they race to the top/ They don’t wanna die nameless, no they just wanna be famous”, Ty$ sings confidently.  Due to the simple audio production and the acoustic guitar, this song allows fans and listeners to hear Ty$’s gritty and soulful vocals.

Skipping along to the third track, “Love U Better” feat. Lil Wayne and The Dream (which is currently #76 on the iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop and Rap Songs) is where the “California Fall Vibes” begin. This song focuses on a woman that is already taken but Ty$ feels that he can love her better with not only his expensive perks but also with his ingenuous personality. From track 3 on up, Ty$ hits you with banger after banger depending on what type of mood you’re in. This album is perfect for late night drives.

“Dawsin’s Breek” feat. Jeremih, “Don’t Judge Me” feat. Future and Swae Lee and “Droptop in the Rain” feat. Tory Lanez are personal favorites. This album exhibits the excellence of execution and within a few months should shoot up the Billboard ladder.

Overall, the album ‘Beach House 3’ receives 9 stars out of 10 stars.