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Album Review: Digital Roses Don’t Die

Justin Lewis Scott, better known as Big K.R.I.T. is an American rapper and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi. Big K.R.I.T., which stands for King Remembered In Time, has been trying to claim the “King of the South” title since he first debuted in 2005. He did not disappoint with his latest project titled ‘Digital Roses Don’t Die’.

Big K.R.I.T. decided to drop his 11th album ‘Digital Roses Don’t Die’ on February 18th with clear intensions of gaining new female fans and adding to his collection by diving into a new space of R&B. Although the artist is not the best vocalist, K.R.I.T. still managed to pull it off without compromising his core values and what he brings to the table as a Southern lyricist. The album consists of 17 songs and is 38 minutes long. He has never been a person to have many features and did not change the formula with this project by having only one with Rolynne on a track titled “Wet Lashes & Shot Glasses”.

One of my favorites on the album is track 17 titled “More Than Roses”. The song has a great calming feel to it. It’s a great relaxation song with many instruments flooding the background. The message of the song is a testament to what real love is. K.R.I.T. is basically saying that we often symbolize love with roses, but roses die, love does not.

Another song that I liked off of the album is titled “Just For You”. This song has a great melody during the chorus of the song and during the verse he states all that he would do for the woman he loves. The beat is a great fit for this track and compliments the lyrics just right. It shows K.R.I.T.’s singing ability which can be somewhat comical at times.

I think the best song on the album is titled “So Cool”. I say this because the song shows off K.R.I.T.’s ability to change his flow. The song speaks on everything that the artist has turned down to remain true to himself and his fan base. It’s a very danceable track and really brings life to the album.

‘Digital Roses Don’t Die’ is a great meditation type album. I strongly recommend listening to it if you’re going on a solo road trip. I would’ve liked the album a little more if it had 2 or 3 more features because listening to one voice the entire album can get extremely boring.

Ivan Walker
Ivan Walker is a Senior Mass Communications major from Isola, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2021-2022 school year.


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