Album Review: Good News


2020 was definitely Megan Thee Stallion’s year. From multiple chart topping hits to numerous awards and performances, she definitely took the music world by storm. And to top off the exciting year, the Houston Hot Girl graced her fans with her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Good News’. At 17 songs long, ‘Good News’ is an album infused with throwback beats and jam packed with features that will leave you wondering, “Is there such a thing as too many samples?”

Meg comes out swinging on ‘Good News’ with the first track entitled ”Shots Fired,” and directs her rhythmic bullets at Canadian-born rapper, Tory Lanez. The song displays how aggressive Megan can truly be when provoked. She keeps the aggressive energy the same on the next track “Circles” which is where she raps about annoying the men that she has dealt with. From the third track “Do It On The Tip” to the ninth track “What’s New”, ‘Good News’ diverts away from the aggressive tone of the first two tracks. The Texas Titan seems to let loose and have fun, gifting fans with more flirty tunes such as “Cry Baby” and “Freaky Girls”.

The album takes a turn for the worst from songs 10 through 15. During these songs the “Houston Hottie” switches up her style a bit and tests the waters with a dancehall beat on “Intercourse” and a melodic rapping approach on “Don’t Rock Me To Sleep”, “Work That”, and “Outside.” Don’t get me wrong, I’ll give Meg her props for stepping outside of her comfort zone, but at the same time I have to admit that these tracks were an epic failure. Meg’s voice is definitely not meant for singing nor is her style made for dancehall music.

Though ‘Good News’ hit a rough patch, it ends strongly with the radio hits “ Body”, “Savage Remix”, “Girls In The Hood”, and “Don’t Stop”.

All in all, ‘Good News’ was a good listen, however, I can’t lie, I expected a little bit more from the album.