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Album Review: Heat of the Moment

Trinity Home, better known as “Tink” is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Tink’s debut project entitled “Winter’s Diary” was released in 2012 at the age of 16. Ten years later she has made a name for herself and has an increasing fan base.

Tink sings about the cycles of love and heartbreak. She is best known for the singles, “Treat Me Like Somebody” and her collaboration with producer Jeremih on “Don’t Tell Nobody”. The artist surpasses all expectations with her latest project ‘Heat of the Moment’.

‘Heat of the Moment’ was released on July 30, 2021. The album title is already her biggest project yet with a catchy title that is straight forward. The album consists of 14 songs which are approximately 45 minutes long and details her experience with love and heartbreak from past lovers. On this project Tink worked with producer “Hitmaka” and used a lot of her raw sound on her vocals in order to show sincereness throughout the project. In my opinion this collaboration was a masterpiece.

Tink had a few song titles that were very successful for other artists but were not remixes of the original song. For example, she has a song titled “Dangerous” which you would think it would be a remix of H.E.R.’s song titled “Dangerous” which was a huge hit for H.E.R. but instead, Tink used the sample of Tyrese’s song “How You Gonna Act Like That” which was an interesting twist that the artist used to her advantage because the record is detailing her past relationship that ended without a warning.

“Whole World Against Me” is a single from the album and is a good listen if you want to know about the artist’s past. The song is detailing about family and friends’ betrayal and features Kodak Black. In this record you can hear the maturity of the artist from when she debuted in 2012.

“Have You Ever” is another track that you would think is a remake of R&B star Brandy’s “Have You Ever” but it’s not. It’s still a good listen in my opinion. The entire album will have you analyzing past situations in your head while listening.

‘Heat of the Moment’ also features Yung Bleu, who is also coming off of his biggest album titled ‘Moon Boy’. Yung Bleu is featured on the second single of the album titled “Selfish”. The track is decent, but I don’t believe it lived up to the hype considering the type of rise both artists are on. I also did not like the song featuring Jeremih titled “Rebel”. I didn’t like Jeremih’s voice on it and the vibe was really nothing in my opinion. Other than those two, I can really say that this album has no skips and is good considering how underground Tink was and how far she has come in her 10th year as an artist.

Ivan Walker
Ivan Walker is a Senior Mass Communications major from Isola, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2021-2022 school year.


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