Single Review: INTRO


Every once in a while, Hip-Hop births an unforgettable MC. This MC is talented, charismatic, diverse, fearless, poised and actually has what it takes to stick around. In the rap game today, you can’t name a lot of MCs who even posses three of the traits and thanks to social media the trajectory of what a rapper actually is has changed. Just as in the Bible, new rules have been written every year. But Hip-Hop hasn’t been all that bad with the rise of female rappers and South Carolina’s DaBaby a.k.a. “Mr. Think I Ain’t Got It On Me.”

When he first came on the scene, DaBaby’s flow was like a can of Sprite..refreshing. On top of that, he was confident, the ladies loved him and he had a clear focus on what he wanted to do which was produce hits such as “Today”, “Baby Sitter”, “Walker Texas Ranger” and the boss anthem “Suge”. Fans are still questioning whether or not he will last because they believe his flow is too redundant and I almost agreed with that until DaBaby redeemed himself with his recent single “INTRO”.

“INTRO” dropped earlier this week and what I love about the song is that you actually get to know what DaBaby really goes through outside of living that rap star lifestyle. The flows different and so is the content. Baby’s lyrics are usually filled with crazy punchlines about how he can take any n*gga’s girlfriend or how he’d slap the sh* t out of any n*gga but “INTRO” doesn’t really mention anything about the two subjects.

He talks about how his father was found dead a couple of days before he went on tour and at the same time that he received that news, his hit record “Suge” went number one. The first verse was dedicated to his late father, mentioning how looking at his daughter reminds him of his dad. Now typically when you think about a song producing emotional content you’d probably imagine it at a slower tempo. “INTRO” is the opposite. It’s still fast paced but DaBaby just put it in a different gear and he became more vulnerable.

Adding to that, Da Baby is also known for causing a scene. The way he carries himself as far as marketing is addicting. You don’t really know what he’s doing next but you’re waiting. And while most fans thought that this was just a freestyle that DaBaby named “INTRO”, two days later, they found out that it was the introduction to his second studio album entitled ‘KIRK’. Will this new album ‘KIRK’ prove that DaBaby is here to stay? I think so, but until then just enjoy “INTRO”.