Album Review: On The Rvn


The only On The Run Hip-Hop heads use to acknowledge was by the power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé. On The Run was the anthem for lovers who didn’t care about their lovers negative past as long as they were with them. But on September 24, 2018 ‘On The Rvn’ with a V became the storyline for Young Thug’s legal battle. If you didn’t know, Young Thug was charged with eight felonies in 2017. The court documents showed that Thug was charged with possession and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone and marijuana, along with charges for possession of amphetamines, Alprazolam, codeine (two counts) and a firearm.

Depending on how Young Thug’s legal issues play out, ‘On The Rvn’ could be his last project for awhile. According to Alex Tumay (Thug’s producer), who received the songs two days before Thug turned himself in, the six song EP was done in 36 HOURS! If you know music or just the operations of it, then you know that an album done in 36 hours is nearly impossible when it comes to quality. But, ‘On The Rvn’ lacked nothing in terms of quality.

Thug kicks off the tape with “On The Rvn”. London On Da Track definitely made this beat with Thug in mind because Young Thug rode this beat the entire time. ‘Im on the run/b*tch/I just took off on the cops/I dont need a charm/ b*tch/ I need a lawyer in rocks.’ When I got through this first song it made me feel like Thug was driving his way through his life of fame and pain. His melodies are all over the place and so is his life at the moment.

On track two “Icey”, Thugs takes a break to praise his diamond collection, Icey teeth and how he spoils Jerricka Karlee (his girlfriend) with all the  finest expensive luxuries. Listening to the lyrics you can feel a little antimosity towards his girl. ‘I done left you for years/this sh*t the same/ I see/ for now I ain’t stanin’ no Nike’s/ My b*tch is a Virgo but she actin’ like a Pisces.’ Here he saying that early in their relationship there were problems which makes me think he’s running from that to. They live such a luxurious life that he can’t understand what’s wrong.

He continues to run on “Climax”, track three of ‘On The Rvn’. ‘You said no interest/ Said you found a better climax/ You said he’s swaggered out/you leave/ it’s like a shot in the back.’ Thug jumps out of the gate with how he feels deep inside about their reality concluding that he’s still near the climax with whomever but she keeps taking his heart and driving him back.

Track four is ‘Sin’ which features Will Smith’s son Jaden. Throughout the piece, Thug is showing Jaden how to not care what society or influential parents think because everybody has their own sins. ‘I’m on the phone with big bro now/ He told me to keep Benz on the race/ Until you see it like this/ I promise man you’d never think it exist.’ The verse sorta sounds like phone conversations or in psychological terms a mentoring process.

Tell them p***y n*ggas take a look at what they done created” is a verse from the fifth track “Real In My Veins where Thug isn’t running anymore from his situations. I think this track relates the most to the cover. Paper was the original format for jotting your thoughts down. Thug takes a sheet of paper and highlights how he’s on ‘da  prosecutors, judge and co-defendent.’ He’s too real for all of the bull that’s going on in his life. ‘Tell the critics that they talkin’ bout the f*ckin’ founder.’ Thug knows he created all the waves today and his haters and the law are trying to take that away.

The last track “High” features the Rocket Man himself Elton John. Thug is a fan of Elton, and  Elton is a fan of Thug and on this track you can appreciate their complimentary sounds. Now, Thug may have literally been talking about being high or he’s so high up in the celebrity, family and money ranks that he can’t come down. What makes it even more sentimental is that Thug is not rapping he’s singing.

I rate this EP 10 stars out of 10 stars.