Album Review: Can’t Say I Ain’t Country


‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ is the fourth studio album by the country duo Florida Georgia Line. The album, which is 50 minutes long and consists of 19 songs, was released on February 15, 2019 through the Big Machine Label Group.

There are five songs on this album that truly intrigued me. The first song, “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”, is a song that gives a message that you can say whatever you’d like about me, but you can never tell me who I am as a person. I can relate to this in a way because people can say whatever they want about me, but they can’t take my true identity away from me. This identify could be anything from my heritage to my hair. The beat of this song is slow and steady but it has a nice vibe to it.

The next song on the album that I enjoyed is entitled, “Simple”. The message in this song talks about how love is simple when it’s true love. True love is never forced, which this song touches on. It talks about how when you look at your true love, you instantly smile from the deep connection the two of you share. It’s pure and it’s real. The tempo on this song is upbeat and the chorus is catchy, which I loved. The melody is somewhat giddy, like most country songs, which brings the listener in.

“Talk You Out of It”, is yet another great song to listen to. In most songs where men talk about wanting to take a female’s clothes off, they are usually very derogatory with how they express it. This song has the same message, but expresses it in a way that doesn’t offend women. In the song, the duo speaks highly of the woman that they are pursuing and how they would like to get to know her on another level. This song has a slow, melodic tone with a slight downbeat. It incorporates Hip Hop styled beats in parts of the song, which gives it a different spin. This is one of the most creative songs on the entire album.

Along with “Talk You Out of It”, the song entitled, “Speed of Love”, is another pleasing song. I can relate to the message of this song and agree with it whole heartedly. The message of the song expresses when you truly fall in love with someone, the journey within your relationship takes off like a rollercoaster. You and that person fall so deep in love with each other and experience a lot with one other that it feels as though you’ve known each other for a lifetime. With a more upbeat tempo than the other songs and a catchy beat it will definitely have you tapping your feet.

Lastly, is the song “Women”. I love that two men have an entire song dedicated to all women. They talk about the beauty within women and how they are some of the strongest people in the world. Also, this song talks about how everyone’s first love is their mother. Mothers create life and this song talks about how beautiful that is. It has a sentimental feel to it that will make you want to listen to it over and over again.

Honestly, I did not expect to enjoy this album as much as a did. The other songs, in my opinion, were mediocre which is why they are not included on my list of most liked songs. I would recommend this album to people interested in hearing new music. This album is not your typical country album. It breaks the rules a little, which is what kept my attention.

‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ receives 9 stars out of 10 stars.