Album Review: Savage Mode


New and upcoming artist 21 Savage took the world by storm with club bangers like “Red Opps” and “Dip Dip”. He did the very same thing with the summer release of his debut album, ‘Savage Mode’. The album, released on July 15, 2016, includes 9 tracks with only one feature from Atlanta’s very own, Future. This album showcases what this new and upcoming artist will continue to bring to the table with his urban trap sound, his authentic flow and his overall ability to get listeners out of their seats.

The album was mastered by mega producer, MetroBoomin. Those familiar with Metro’s music are familiar with the menacing trap beats complimented with hard bass and a distinctive sound that lets listeners know that it’s time to dance as soon as the beat drops. Metro’s amazing variety of sounds compiled with 21 Savage’s grim voice and lyrics invites the listener on a journey through the Atlanta streets that birthed him. Most would like to believe that all trap music is the same but 21 Savage is here to prove those people different as he sounds and feels like nothing the industry has ever heard before.

The album included two radio singles, “X” and “No Heart”. “X” was released the day before the album was released to generate buzz with the audience. With the lyrics “I’m just stunting on my X Girl” the song compels listeners to call up there former significant other and let them know just how well they are doing without them. Featured on the song is rap icon Future who adds the only collaboration the album encompasses. The song discusses a tumultuous time between him and the mother of his child. “No Heart” was the second radio single released after the album debuted. The slow ominous beat matched with 21’s fast, attacking flow induces listeners to keeping the track on repeat for hours on end, every time getting closer and closer to knowing all of the lyrics to an amazing work of art. Lyrics from this song and so many more on the album give the audience a peek into the real world that 21 came from: I turn that soft into some hard/ I grew up in the streets without no heart/ I’m prayin’ to my Glock and my carbon. These very lyrics show the street struggle and hustle that brings the listeners who he is and how his music sounds today.

‘Savage Mode’ is a musical progression of the environment that 21 Savage was and still is a part of. As we’ve heard nothing like this album or its artist before, this album gives a fresh look at what the trap genre is headed toward and the future looks bright. ‘Savage Mode’ receives 7 stars out of 10 stars.