Album Review: Stay Tuned


‘Stay Tuned’ is a compilation of 6 wavy songs with big time featuresKodie Shane might not be consistent with her music but when she does drop new tunes, she delivers.

Sixteen minutes of unlimited vibes can either hype you or make you never want to listen to a particular artist again. In this case, Kodie Shanes dark pop vibes had me hyped for the entire 16.

Track one “Anemic” featuring Atlanta rapper Saucy Longway was highly anticipated song for fans. Back in SeptemberKodie gave her fans a sneak peak and they’ve been impatiently waiting. 

“Anemic” is a wave carried by savvy 808s where Kodie talks about the best of both worlds being so cold. “She says she always cold so she anemic/Diamonds on me so I’m anemic.” Saucy and Kodie flex effortlessly for 1:53.

Track two is entitled Bust Down” and it features the SAIL BOAT captain Lil Yatchy. It is probably the catchiest song on ‘Stay Tuned’. “Diamonds on me like a bust down/She want me cause I’m up now.” In this song, Kodie is expressing the fact that she knows the women are just in it because of her bust down and its messing up her trust. I don’t even gotta flex now/ She just wanna give me sex now.” Yatchy joins Kodie to let her know that she isnt the only one going through Bust Down Depression.

Moving down the ‘Stay Tuned’ track list, Come in Twos” is track two’s bounce back song. Kodies feelings are no longer confused and if you want to cool with her then you have to come in twos. “I know it’s cliché but it’s rules. Famous Dex accompanies Kodie to talk about all of his women and how he handles them.

Never Tell U Sorry’ is Kodies prideful oath. It wasnt always like that but according to her, she Gave you love, you abused it, gave you love, you abused it.” Track four features the Prince of New York, Smooky MarGielaa. Though hes only 16, nothing sounds 16 about his delivery or the way he maneuvers through his every day life. Don’t be acting like a nuisance, I could always get a new b*tch/MarGielaa Man, what the f*ck do you mean?/Boy, better watch how you talkin’ to me.

Drunk” is a tail about Kodies girl’s alcohol use which creates mixed emotions. You hit my phone, you said I’m childish/ I hit you back like babe you drunk or some/ You text me now like babe I miss you though/ And now I know you must be drunk or some.” Rich The Kid hops on the track and does what Rich The Kid does: talk about nothing.

The last tune, Bass” features Trippie Redd and quite frankly, its the best song on the compilation. Both artists complement each other’s sound very well. All Kodie needs in her life of sin is b**ches and bass.”

Overall, I rate this tape 7.5 stars out of 10 stars.

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