Album Review: The Jonoskians


n Artist: Janoskians

Album: Would You Love Me

Release Date: March 2, 2015

The Janoskians are known for their crude and humorous, playful performances, but the newest EP the band has released is something different– the band leaps into playing real music. The songs become serious with the boys playing their own instruments. The EP ‘Would You Love Me’ features an old single, ‘Real Girls Eat Cake’ and three new tracks: ‘LA Girl’, ‘Mood swings’, and ‘Would You Love Me’.

In the first track, ‘Would You Love Me’, the boy band addresses females who still love them when their rude “Mood swings” tells of a typical relationship between a male and female. The woman throws temper tantrums when she is mad, but the man still accepts her. During the record, it is noted that the woman kicks the man out of the house, with his things in the yard, but through all of that, the two are still going strong.

The only song typical of the Janoskians is ‘Real Girls Eat Cake’. The boys taunt insecure women on their weight issues. Although meant to be funny, the song sends a positive message. Women shouldn’t worry about how others see them, because men will like them the way they are. ‘LA Girl’ also provides a positive message: men want women who offer them more than looks.

The entire EP has a consistent 80s feel, making it obvious that the Janoskians are trying to be like another band, maybe Blink 182. The album also shows the boys trying to change their goofy image, to be taken seriously. All of the songs come in strong with an upbeat tune and catchy lyrics. The group should be applauded for their efforts, but the album is only recommended if you are not familiar with the band. To be introduced to the original stylings of the Janoskians and then to this album, is quite a stretch. “Would You Love Me” gets 8 stars out of 10 stars.