Album Review: Tina Snow


The EP ‘Tina Snow’ is named after Megan Thee Stallion’s alter ego ‘Tina Snow’ who is the uncut pimp and mack that lives inside the Stallion. Her favorite rapper Pimp C’s aliases’ name was Tony Snow which is probably why Thee Stallion payed homage with her EP’s name. So you can only imagine what ‘Tina Snow’ has to offer. The 10 track project has something the game has been secretly missing for years… BARS! Megan Thee Stallion is a bar spitter in its rarest form.

Thee Stallion kicked off ‘Tina Snow’ with ‘WTF I Want.” “Do what I want and you do what you can/ That’s why I’m breaking your man.” Meg carries that energy throughout the entire song with her hardbody delivery, diverse flow, and raw lyrics such as “Sitting on your bae face, I’m the ‘bae-by’ sitter.” Yup, that’s a bar if ever I’ve heard one.

Track two, “Hot Girl” is another banger thanks to the Ying Yang Twins’ “Say I Yi Yi” sample. By the end of the year, this song will be in every female athlete’s highlight tape and on every workout playlist in the country. It’s probably as influential as my favorite T.I. track entitled, “Motivation”. “Hot Girl” makes you wanna go get the bag in your sleep. “All the hot girls make it pop, pop, pop/ Bad b***hes with the bag say “ah-ya-ya.”

Moving along, track four is entitled, “Good At” which is a feel good vibe dedicated to the night life filled with Cognac, sensuality and pimptivity. Thee Stallion just wants to know where it’s good at. Track five, “Freak Nasty”, is a twerk favorite but hard to dance to when listening to the bars. “I’m running through your n*gga house like a Tomb Raider/You got a pass around n*gga, he a hot potato/I told him, Eat it or get out! That’s your ultimatum/But stop licking my p*ssy hard, that sh*t aggravating.” Yup… Freak Nasty.

On track six, “Cognac Queen”, Thee Stallion decides to slow down the tempo and get into her “act” as she likes to call it. “I’m in my act/ I wanna dance/ I’m on that Yac/ I wanna dance.” Something that you can rock to and it might feel better off of the Cognac. “Neva” is the next track on ‘Tina Snow’ and Thee Stallion ‘neva’ let’s up. “Neva let a broke n*gga sex me/Neva let no h*e test me/Neva been scared of the money/Neva let em take nothing from me/ Neva ever neva ever ever.”

Track seven which is entitled, “Big Ole Freak” is a club favorite. It samples “Is It Love This Time” by the Immatures. “See I’m a big ole freak, I love to talk my sh*t/And you must be a p*ssy boy, if you get offended/B*tch it’s Tina Snow, they love me cause I’m cold/ You can’t take no n*gga from me I got mind control.” This track shows you just how raw Thee Stallion is coming in the game, the bedroom, and on her hater’s neck which brings you into track eight entitled, “Tina Montana”. “Ain’t none of these hoes got sh** on me/None of these ho*es flow sick like me.” “Tina Montana” is crazy and its bars are even crazier. “Imma wake up and get me some money, he gon’ wake up and give me sucky sucky/These b***hes scary, they Chicken Kentucky/B*tch, I’m from Texas you know we be buckin’/Words like a blade every beat I be cuttin.”

Track nine is entitled, “Make a Bag” featuring Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo. Yo’s fans out there know he’s a spitter and now they know Megan Thee Stallion is one too. Together they both rode the beat like Bonnie and Clyde in a 1958 Ferrari GT California Spyder.

The last track on ‘Tina Snow’ is a parking lot pimping supreme. “Cocky AF” is a self reflecting flex song that proves why Megan Thee Stallion is the next best rapper in the game.

Overall, this album definitely without a doubt receives 10 stars out of 10 stars.