Album Review: TRAPSOUL


ARTIST: Bryson Tiller


RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2015



With “Don’t” being the first song that Bryson Tiller had recorded in years, his debut album, ‘TRAPSOUL’ is definitely a change musically from his previous projects. ‘TRAPSOUL’, as Tiller explains, is trap-influenced R&B music. The album’s sound fits well into the world of contemporary R&B.

The smooth track, “Don’t”, has received over 17 million Soundcloud plays in the past 10 months while gathering attention from heavy hitters in the industry like Drake and Timbaland. Surprisingly, the beat for the record was bought from SoundClick, and it was the last beat that Tiller ever had to download.  Unlike most have thought, the song isn’t about Tiller being boyfriend number two to a girl he finds attractive in a club; he’s the boyfriend who is killing the vibe.

Tiller confesses to Rolling Stone, “At the time I was going through some things in my relationship and wasn’t doing my part. I was thinking, What if a boyfriend number two came into the picture and started trying to talk to my girl?”

“Exchange,” which is the second track of his to be released on Apple Music, is the continuation to “Don’t”. In this song, Tiller relies on his confidence and kindness to get back with his girl.

Throughout the entire album, Tiller is vulnerable. He puts it all out there. “Right My Wrongs” is one of the most emotionally connected songs on the project. He opens up about his troubled relationship and what he wants to do about it. The lyrics resemble a break up song, but the beat is chill.

All fourteen tracks on ‘TRAPSOUL’ have a similar sound, but different feels as “Don’t” and “Exchange” shows off Tiller’s improvement lyrically. The entire album isn’t about a relationship. In “Ten Nine Fourteen,” the artist bears it all about his road to fame.

The sound of “Ten Nine Fourteen” reminds listeners of Trey Capo, but yet it is clear that Bryson is his own artist. He really spits on this track, and basically says, “Forget you” to anyone who ever doubted him. He is lyrically superior throughout the entire album, showing that the music scene in Kentucky isn’t completely dead.

‘TRAPSOUL’ has made Bryson Tiller a new favorite artist for many, including me. Is he yours? ‘TRAPSOUL’ receives 8 stars out of 10 stars.