Album Review: When It’s Dark Out


“When It’s Dark Out” is G-Eazy’s sophomore album which has more misses than hits. There is a lot of star power backing this album such as Big Sean, E-40, and Kehlani doing collaborations with G-Eazy while Swazi, OZ, and DJ Spinz produce several of the tracks. The album consists of 17 songs which gives the listening audience somewhat of a sense of G-Eazy’s true musical talent.

The flagship single that’s leading the pack from the album is ‘Me, Myself & I’ which peaked at Number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and gave G-Eazy his first Top 100 hit. The song has a memorable chorus which leaves you humming/singing it all day long once you hear it. On the track ‘Order More’ you get an auto-tune ballad that does not give the listener the confidence that G-Eazy had anything to do with this song. In actuality it sounds more like something Drake would do and while listening to it you can tell it has a huge Big Sean influence as well. One can tell by listening to the album that the production value is extremely good but it took away from G-Eazy’s vision for the album.

‘Calm Down’ brings back that feeling that G-Eazy has been known to bring his fans as he so arrogantly states in the song, “I’m the coldest white rapper in the game.” The track has a beat that will make you want to get on your feet and dance. ‘Random’ is another track that gives the audience that “in your face” feel as G-Eazy slays the track with his smooth delivery of the lyrics. Sadly, this is the last decent track on the entire album because the rest of the tracks are all watered down clones of ‘Order More’.

Unfortunately for G-Eazy the producers for his sophomore attempted to make him into a manifestation of other artists which is truly a shame. This album is full of trendy sounds where it’s trying to be dark and dramatic but the lyrical content really isn’t there to give the sound any type of weight. There are no witty or charming or captivating lines and the moments where G-Eazy is attempting to go through his hardships comes off more likes he’s complaining. At times it sounds as though the album was made for a Pop audience who likes to listen to Hip Hop. ‘When It’s Dark Out’ receives four stars out of ten stars.