Album Review: Yung Bans Vol. 4


ALBUM: Yung  Bans Vol. 4 

RELEASE DATE: March 21, 2018

GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap

LABEL: Yung Bans/Foundation


‘Yung Bans Vol. 4’ is a huge sleeper and I’ll tell you why. First off, if you don’t have any SoundCloud rappers in your music catalog then you should really rethink your playlist. As far as flows, bars and melodies Yung Bans does that effortlessly and you definitely can attest to that after checking out ‘Yung Bans Vol. 4.’

“I don’t milly rock/ I just get that guap/ Ridin’ around on top, aye/ I don’t milly rock, yeah/ I just get bands.”

“Don’t Milly Rock” is the first track on YBVol.4 and the message is simple, Yung Bans don’t dance, he’s all about his bands. The slow melodic bop features Rejjie Snow (another up and coming artist) and together they smoothly execute the ‘Swag rap’ flow.

Up next on the YB EP is “Different Colors” featuring Lil Boat. Between this song and the following song “Mood Swings” I don’t really know which one is my favorite. Now if you close your eyes and put yourself into the life of an 18 or 20-year-old young man with money then you’d see how Yung Bans and Lil Boat attacked this song. “Different Colors” is about their luxuries whether it’s jewelry, women or money and how Bans and Lil Boat are living life in different colors. Due to the futuristic beat, they might even be living theirs on another planet.

“I’m in L.A/ You in L.A./ I’m Kobe/ You Chris Paul/ It’s a difference.”

If someone is killing your vibe with all the unnecessary buggin’ then track no.3 “Mood Swings” featuring. Jban$2Turnt can lighten up your mood. Yung Bans wants his fans to know they aren’t alone and that stars go through basic everyday life to. The only difference is they have more money and according to Notorious B.I.G., more money equals more problems.

“Aye, this for all my young n**gas makin’ moves/ Aye, flexin’ jewels, they know that cash rules.”

Periodically, it’s okay to toast to your accomplishments.

The fourth song “Yung Xan” featuring Lil Xan is just a bounce back collab between the two on their feelings and lifestyle. This was probably my least favorite song but the beat was slamming though.

Yung Bans leaves the slower beats along for the last two tracks. This may either turn you away if you’re a fan of vibes because the last two tracks are strictly for trap and rap lovers. “With My Hood” is exactly what Yung Bans has on his brain during the 2-minute track. He’s pulling up on the opposition with his friends or ‘with his hood’ and they’re going to represent for the hood. The last track on YBVol.4 is “On These Ni**as” and he ends the EP with a stunting groove for all the haters, debaters and sleepers.

Overall I’d rate ‘Yung Bans Vol.4’  6 out of 10 stars.