Alcorn NPHC Presents: Week of Scholarship and Service


If you didn’t attend any of the events from last week’s “Week of Scholarship and Service,” hosted by Alcorn State University’s National Pan Hellenic Council, you missed out. Though there were a few snafus and cancellations, the week was an overall success.

Five days, five events:

“Greek Retreat:” 

The week began on Monday, November 2, 2015 with a “Greek Retreat” located upstairs in the James L. Bolden Campus Union. The event was a private affair attended by members of the council.

“PAN’S Declassified Freshmen Survival Guide:”

Tuesday, the Pan hosted an open discussion with the freshmen students on campus. The forum topics ranged from Greek life and the Membership Intake Process (MIP) to relationship problems. The event allowed for students to have their concerns answered from a live panel of Greeks. The members on the panel were China Davis, Jonathon Hood, Melanie Sprewer, Kelly Roosevelt, and Marissa Thompson.

Robert Tatum, a freshmen Bio-Chemistry Pre-med major expressed, “The informational session touched on the basics that freshmen don’t usually get. It was fun, personable, and I was able to understand the different types of organizations. It was an overall good experience.” 

“Café Clean Up:”

Wednesday’s “Café Clean Up” was cancelled and in its place the Greeks persuaded students to fill out surveys for the chance to win either a brand new iPad or a $100 gift card.

“R U On the Right Track:”

Thursday’s discussion for “R U On the Right Track” was postponed for a later date. 

“Party with a Purpose:”

Friday’s event was a party held in the E.E. Simmons Gymnasium. The event was entitled, “Party with a Purpose.” Admission for the party was $5 or attendees could present a child’s toy or book for free admission. The toys and books will be donated to charity.