Alcorn Rewards New Scholarships to Qualifying Freshmen and Returning Students


Beginning Fall 2016, Alcorn State University will amplify its number of university-sponsored scholarships, giving more incoming freshmen and returning students the opportunity to earn scholarships for the upcoming academic school year.

Although all of the new scholarships are nothing short of astounding, according to the Office of Admissions, possibly the most distinctive of the latest aids is The Alcorn Achieve Scholarship. This scholarship allows students who complete 30-credit hours at Alcorn and earn at least a 3.3 grade point average (GPA) to take pleasure in free tuition as well as room and board, despite ACT/SAT scores. Students would be granted this scholarship two to six semesters, depending on when they meet the criteria.

“With the new Alcorn Achieve Scholarship, we want to provide financial assistance for those students that have demonstrated academic excellence here at Alcorn,” President Alfred Rankins, Jr. said. “Based on ACT/SAT scores, these students would be otherwise shut out from institutional scholarships and more dependent on student loans.”

Rankins also said that these new scholarships are among the utensils that Alcorn is making use of to boost university admission, affordability and retention.

In the past, most scholarships required students to have GPAs ranging from 3.0 to 3.5 to maintain their financial award. In the upcoming year, all academic scholarships will have the same 3.0 GPA continuation requirements. This way, more students can qualify for these grand opportunities.

“Scholarships minimize the need for student loans and bridges the gap between federal and state grant aid,” stated Emanuel Barnes, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Perhaps the most profitable and awarding of the new scholarships is The President’s Excellence Scholarship. According to Alcorn’s website,, this scholarship fully covers tuition and room and board for four years, provides a $500 per semester book allowance, and awards a $1,000 stipend each semester. This esteemed reward is offered to the most prominent scholars, those students who earn at least a 3.0 in high school and score a 28 or above on the ACT.

Zacharia Harris, a junior Biology major, thinks that these new scholarships are superlative. “I really hope that students do their best academically so that these scholarships can stick around for years and years to come.”

Shaniqua James, a junior History major says, “These scholarships are absolutely great. I believe that they will open so many doors for students. They don’t have too many requirements, and the requirements that they do have are both manageable and achievable. This will definitely give more students the opportunity to obtain them.”

The Provost Scholar, University Scholar, Valedictorian Scholar, Salutatorian Scholar and the Community College Transfer Scholar are among other scholarships that recognize additional academic achievements with differing awards.

Bryanna LeBeaux, a junior Biology/Pre-Medicine major stated, “I think these scholarships provide incentives for students to do their best while in college and in high school. Many students do well in college but are not rewarded for their outstanding grades after being admitted. These scholarships can finally change that and award those students that continue to excel throughout their college career.”

In response to these newfound university assistances, President Rankins voiced, “It’s unfortunate when a lack of money separates students from academic advancement and, ultimately, professional goals. We must continue to do all that we can to better serve our students.”

Students can apply for these and other scholarships by visiting Students who have questions are encouraged to call the Office of Admissions at (800) 222-6790 or (601) 877-2400.