Alcorn State University’s Counseling Services Hosts National Alcohol Screening Day


On April 7th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm the Alcorn Counseling Services hosted National Alcohol Screening Day which was held in the James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom.

The National Alcohol Screening Day was held for faculty and students to learn more about healthcare. It was introduced to Alcorn State University (ASU) in 2002 and is held annually by Dr. Barbara Warner-Martin, Director of Counseling Services. Dr. Warner-Martin stated, “The goal of National Alcohol Screening Day is to educate the public in terms of the possible negative outcomes of the misuse of alcohol and other substances. Here at Alcorn, we combine that with the global mission of promoting health and wellness for our students.” Some of the services that were provided were screenings on alcohol use, substance use, depression and anxiety. Participants were able to get results on sight and consultations were offered if needed. Some health officials and representatives from surrounding areas that participated in the event were the Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center Inc. (JCHC) and the Claiborne County Medical Center (CCMC).

JCHC is an organization providing affordable health care for the medically underserved population of Jefferson County and surrounding areas. Some services provided are medical, dental, nutrition, nursing services and more. Services are provided to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. All medical records at JCHC are considered personal and private. There are transportation services that can pick patients up and drop them off at the center. The Mississippi Shine project is a branch under JCHC which helps the community by giving glucose testing and blood pressure checks. “In Jefferson County we have a one stop shop as we like to call it. Patients are able to receive dental, medial and more in the clinic,” stated Darren Collenberg Sr., a Community Health worker at JCHC.

Another one of JCHC’s programs is the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program which is for pregnant women who are trying to stop smoking tobacco. These women are able to attend four quit-smoking prenatal sessions. At the end of the third or fourth session they are tested to see if they have been smoke-free. If their results come back negative, they are able to receive a $25 voucher before they have the child. After the baby is born and the mother wants to continue these services every month, she will have to take a breath test to prove she is tobacco-free in order to continue to receive monthly vouchers. The vouchers can be cashed in at Walgreens and Walmart to buy baby supplies. These services are only available for up to 12 months. Linda Bynum, a Mental Health Counselor at JCHC stated, “Due to the pandemic we are seeing more patients than ever before which makes our jobs that much more essential.”

CCMC is a critical access hospital that serves all of South Mississippi and some parts of Louisiana. It provides mental wellness treatment for adults experiencing symptoms of depression, memory loss, paranoia, anxiety and more. Demetrice Dotson, Director of Communication Education at CCMC, stated, “We will pick people up who need counseling and bring them every day if they have Medicare. If they need a break, we also can keep them up to 14 days.” Some services that the hospital provides are an Intensive Outpatient Program for adults, Geri-Psych Program, Radiology Department, CT Scanner and more.

If you missed National Alcohol Screening Day, you could still receive these services by contacting the Career and Counseling Services office at (601) 877-6230 or going to the Walter Washington Administrative Classroom Building (WWACB) on the 3rd floor in room 305. All services are completely confidential and free.