Alcorn Student Leaders Attend Conference in Arkansas


Leadership Alcorn attended the Association for Programming and Campus Activities (ACPA) South Central Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a four day conference beginning on September 17th and ending on September 20th which included student educational sessions and showcases.

Leadership Alcorn, which is comprised of a prestigious group of freshmen and sophomores, was started in 2014 by Ms. Devina Hogan, the Director of Student Engagement here at Alcorn State University. Six of the students from Leadership Alcorn were given the opportunity to be escorted to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend the Association for Programming and Campus Activities (ACPA) South Central Conference.  Hogan stated, “It was an awesome session and that sentiment was shared on almost every level.” 

During the conference, there were many engaging forums held by a plethora of diligent individuals from many different institutions and companies.  Hogan had the distinct honor of presenting during one of those session. Her presentation was called “Kill the Noise” (Blocking out Negativity). She spoke on how student leaders cannot make every individual happy and cannot make their peers get involved. She taught the students to “block out negativity” and use failures as opportunities to reach success. “I left them with tools to transform their way of thinking and how to embrace anything that’s thrown at them,” stated Hogan. 

In attendance at the conference was Dara Robertson, President of Leadership Alcorn, Raekwon Bolling, Vice-President, DeKeyda Thomas, Janine Johnson, Robert Tatum, and Brandon Davis which are all ambassadors for Leadership Alcorn. Raekwon Bolling, a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois said, “This opportunity to take this trip to the APCA conference was an experience I would do all over again.” He continued with, “This conference helped me learn about better ways to express my leadership skills and to be able to display the things that I learned throughout it.” Leadership Alcorn is widely known across the campus of Alcorn State University for their hard work and dedication to the University. The conference was just another step towards the student’s ultimate success.

If you’re interested in joining Leadership Alcorn you can contact Ms. Devina Hogan at (601) 877-6341 or