Braves for Christ Ministries


The students of Alcorn State University (ASU) have no issue displaying their faith by coming together every Thursday afternoon for a weekly prayer.

If one ever has the chance to be inside the Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility of Alcorn on a Thursday afternoon, they are going to witness something amazing. Since the middle of the Spring semester last year, the students have been gathering together for a word of prayer. The prayer began outside the dining facility on the library steps of the J.D. Boyd Library but has since moved inside of the cafeteria to reach even more students than before. The prayer has since grown into a multitude of students all joining hands inside of the cafeteria for a moment that most describe as their favorite weekly event.

Jonathan Collins, a Senior Mass Communications major and member of Braves for Christ Ministries, stated, “God gave me a word and I listened and followed and he’s been manifesting and growing on that word ever since.” Collins, along with other members of the Braves for Christ Ministries, delivers the prayer every week in hopes to bring students closer to a relationship with God. They believe that if the students get the relationship started early that there will be more time to actually reap the benefits and blessings of the kingdom as a young adult.

Along with Collins, the Braves for Christ Ministries is led by Seniors Terry McBeth, Lamar Scott and Tally Robinson. The ministry has been a great help in not only promoting the prayer throughout Alcorn but also doing their own works around campus, including Sunday Service and weekly Bible Study held at the Oakland Memorial Chapel.

The ministry team hopes to continue to grow and manifest this idea to continue long after they have gone on past their college days at Alcorn State. The prayer can be seen every week on Lamar Scott’s FaceBook page where it is shared live and then posted onto his page where anyone can view the prayers at any time.