Department of Human Sciences Presents a Career and Counsel Session


On October 26, 2017, from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Alcorn State University held a Career and Counsel Session in the Eunice Powell Building’s Multipurpose Room. The event was sponsored by Alcorn’s Department of Human Sciences in collaboration with the Department of Education and Psychology.

Dr. Martha Ravola, Associate Professor in Child Development in the Department of Human Sciences, stated, “This is a counsel session where we really wanted students in the field of Child Development to be aware of resources that would prepare them for their future careers and also provide information about higher education.” The event’s keynote speaker was Dr. Jill Dent, Director of the Office of Early Childhood for the Mississippi Department of Education and the Manager of Pre-K and Kindergarten Quality Initiative. She provided insight about elementary education and how one can become involved in this field with 3 important “starter” tips:

  1. Take the PRAXIS core assessment test
  2. Take the early childhood plt PRAXIS
  3. Take the early childhood content PRAXIS.

This session also included a panel moderated by Dr. Jill Dent, Dr. Martha Ravola, Dr. Chunquan Zhang, Assistant Professor of Agriculture at Alcorn State University, Michael Trusclair, USDA/National Resources Conservation Service 1890 Program Liaison and Anthony Reed, Interim Assistant Extension Administrator at Alcorn State University, who sought to provide tips and the necessary tools needed for applying for jobs and internships after one graduates from college. “You’re here, but are you really here?” is one of the questions posed to the audience at the career and counsel session. Even though the event centered on child development majors, the panelists gave every student, regardless of their major, information that would be beneficial to them in the future. Students were given an instructional pamphlet that provided the steps for searching for jobs, asking for letters of recommendations, registering for the GRE and registering for the PRAXIS.

The work just doesn’t end there,” stated Michael Trusclair, “start getting out of your comfort zones and seek internships that are further away from what you’re used to.” He also stated that it’s critical that students should have a minor. “Having a plan B, C, D or E is important, in case you are not able to find a job with your degree,” he stressed.

For more information about the Department of Human Sciences contact Dr. Ravola @ or at (601) 877-6252 or (601) 877-4717.