Alcorn’s GQ Modeling Squad Casting Call


On Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Alcorn State University’s Gentlemen & Queens (GQ) Modeling Squad held their first casting call for the Spring 2015 semester at 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm in the Honors Residence Hall Cafeteria.

Alcorn State University’s GQ Modeling Squad is held for students that embrace class, character, and fashion around the campus. Students come to receive valuable information about the organization and different types of community service opportunities to receive. This organization helps students to understand fashion as well as an opportunity for networking. People such as Trevor Williams, President of the GQ Modeling Squad and Model Coach Lauren Crosby were present at the Casting Call. There was a brief discussion and interview portion presented for some of the Executive Members of the organization that were there.

Trevor Williams opened the casting call by introducing himself and welcoming everyone for coming out to the casting call. He also gave the students some advice before ripping the runway, “I just want everyone to be comfortable, walk and just have fun. Modeling can be a wonderful hobby and career to get into for future references and here in the GQ Modeling Squad we help to build self confidence in the way you walk and feel coming down the runway.”

The Model Coach for GQ 2015-2016 Modeling Squad is Lauren Crosby. Crosby is a junior here at Alcorn State University, Co-Captain for the Braves Cheerleading Squad and the Executive Secretary for the Student Government Association. Her position was to help everyone feel comfortable and to critique the pros and cons of the candidates for strutting their stuff down the runway. “I think we have some nice and fierce walkers this semester and I want to make everyone feel comfortable with their walk but also give a little advice on how their posture should be,” stated Crosby. Crosby expressed that she is very happy for this semester and about the upcoming year for the GQ Modeling Squad.

As the casting call was coming to a close there was a brief discussion and interview portion for the Executive Members of the organization. Williams discussed the upcoming candidates for the modeling squad and events for this semester. He stated, “I am also proud to say that GQ will be hosting a big event on campus for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. More details will be coming soon on our Instagram page and flyers around campus.” Ashley Williams, the Assistant of GQ Modeling Squad, and a senior at Alcorn State University said, “Be prepared for GQ Modeling Squad this year because we are planning to do big things and we don’t plan on stopping.”