Alcorn’s Senior/Freshmen Class Week


Alcorn’s Senior (’16) and Freshman (’19) classes joined forces to host a week of festivities which began on Monday, January 25 and lasted through Friday, January 29. This is the first time that the two classes have combined their weeks.

The week kicked off on Monday with Cervical Cancer Awareness in the Clinton Bristow Dining Facility Lobby. The Senior class along with ASU HEROS (Health Educators Reaching Other Students) spread knowledge about cervical cancer and gave teal ribbons to everyone that entered the cafeteria. Teal is the color set aside to honor cervical cancer. Also, both classes persuaded everyone to black out the basketball game on Monday as Alcorn took on Alabama State.

Tuesday of the class week was a bit more “colorful”. The Senior class hosted “Paint and Sip” in the Student Union conference room. Everyone in attendance was given an 11×14 canvas and a glass of white grape cocktail. Students were allowed to paint anything of their choice with a small admission fee of $2. The “Paint and Sip” event was a huge success as the students stroked their paint brushes while listening to music by the Pandora Music App. Stacia Washington, a Senior from Vicksburg, MS stated, “I never knew painting could be so peaceful. I hope we could do this again one day.”

On Wednesday, the Freshman class hosted a poetry slam in the Amenities building on campus. Upon entrance, the students were given a free cup of hot chocolate. Many students showcased their talents of spoken word, singing, and playing instruments. During intermission, the students fellowshipped with others, danced, and wrote poetry for the next open mic night. Mario Evans, a Senior from Hammond, LA stated, “I want to thank the Senior/Freshman classes for hosting this event. Our campus needs more diverse events such as this one.”

Thursday brought on fierce competition between the two classes. Both hosted an intramural basketball game in the E.E. Simmons Gymnasium at 7:00 pm where the Freshmen played against the Seniors. Both teams played with vigor and enthusiasm. The Seniors, who were coached by Senior Denzel Weatherspoon, dominated the Freshmen class by defeating them 56-35. 

The week ended on Friday with a game night in the Campus Union game room. Some of the students formed bowling teams to bowl, others shot pool and played Ping-Pong while others enjoyed the game night by watching SportsCenter on the various televisions within the game room.  Both Senior and Freshman class leaders are looking forward to collaborating with one another to host a similar event next year.