Worry about nothing.
Pray about everything.
Hold your peace and let the Lord fight your battle.
Yet as my heart races. I am filled with rage.
Evil thoughts and scenarios cross my mind.
Disorienting my being, I’m no longer in control.
Don’t blame me, it was the rage.
Don’t blame me it was the hate.
I don’t remember that, fault vexation.
Free me from acrimony before I act on temptation.
I will pop it off.
Get your hands off me!
I’ve been cool, calm, and collected but misconstrued is where you have me.
I try to be a good person and you want to play with me.
Old me is in a box I call animosity.
When I pull her out I know she’s going to go.
I’m angry.
I’m mad.
I’m hot.
My body is trembling and my nerves are shot.
When anger takes over, everything is a daze.
You better know who you’re dealing with and watch what you say.