Artist Spotlight: DaBaby


DaBaby was born on December 22, 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio as Johnathan Lyndale Kirk. By the time he was six, DaBaby and his family began living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up in the South, DaBaby lived exactly what he raps about: being in the streets. Getting tired of the lifestyle, he decided to pursue rap in 2014, going by the name Baby Jesus and issuing his first mixtape entitled ‘Nonfiction’ a month later.

Not even knowing what it took to be a rapper, Baby Jesus didn’t care because he just jumped right in by heading to South by Southwest in the Spring of 2015 to make a name for himself. He quickly changed Baby Jesus to DaBaby due to political reasons. Since then, DaBaby has released a host of mixtapes such as the ‘God’s Work’ series, the ‘Baby Talk’ series, ‘Billion Dollar Baby’, and ‘Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t’. He reached his peak in 2018, when his single “Today” from ‘Baby Talk 5’ dropped and since then he’s been a constant mainstay on  Billboard’s Top 100.

Fun facts about the DaBaby is that he beat two attempted murder cases due to self defense, he has a daughter and he released his second studio album entitled ‘KIRK’ on September 27, 2019.