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Ask O: The Advice Column (February 15, 2022)

Dear O:

My name is Garrett and I attend a small liberal arts college in Texas. I am a Mass Communications major who is set to graduate this Spring and I really enjoy the field but here’s my problem. Every time we have a job/graduate school fair there are never any booths for my major. It’s been four years and I’ve never seen anything supporting the Mass Communications field directly. It’s as though the school doesn’t even acknowledge my field of study. Now I’m about to graduate and I don’t have an internship or any job prospects. I’d like to go to graduate school but I need some direction as to where to go. All of the research that I’ve done leads me to institutions that are too expensive and that’s important because my parents aren’t “ballers.” As I stated earlier my job prospects are scarce because every time I apply for a job they keep telling me I need at least five years of experience. This is beyond frustrating. What can I do O? Can you name me any good affordable universities that have a good Master’s program or could you suggest any websites that helps future graduates such as myself find employment? Thank you in advance.

Ain’t Got A Clue

Dear Ain’t Got A Clue,

Actually, there is no better major you could’ve chosen than “Mass Comm.” Mass Communications has a range of professions from Broadcasting to working in the government. Not only does it teach you how to work a camera and write a script, but it teaches you how to communicate effectively which could be used in almost every profession. Mass Communications teaches you how to manage people and time and is built for people who are creative and innovative. You can literally use this everywhere. All Master’s programs can fit into your field of study in some way, shape or form because this area is so broad. Considering that, you can make the most cost efficient choice for both you and your parents because almost all options are available for you.

When it comes to finding jobs, www.usajobs.gov is the most efficient website for students both in and out of college. However, it’s most efficient for post graduate students because it has so many job opportunities.

I challenge you to always push through the frustration. Everything always seems impossible until it’s done. Everything will work itself out.

Always love,


Olecia James
Olecia James
Olecia James is a Senior from Cleveland, Mississippi majoring in Journalism/Mass Communications. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the Fall 2021 Spring 2022 academic year.


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