Badges and Patches


Don’t throw away those jeans because they have a hole in them. Just put a patch over it.

There is no doubt that patches are having a moment. This staple is the hottest thing in fashion now.

Patches have spanned multiple wars and social causes, bringing a louder voice to people’s personal fashion. But they no longer need a special cause to be relevant. From offbeat vintage finds to mainstream runways, they’re always being revived, adapted and repurposed.

Patches were everywhere that the mainstream wasn’t such as the rise of the biker culture in the ’60s, the Hippie movement of the ’70s and the birth of Punk Rock in the ’80s. The embroidered patch was a staple within each of these worlds. It symbolized individualism and a rebellious spirit and was a way of showing you didn’t conform to society’s standards. Patches and badges were pinned or sewn into clothes, mainly denim jackets, cutoffs or jeans.

Badges and patches are pinned or sewn into clothes, which allows you to:

(1) Do It Yourself (DIY) with any piece of clothing you have which is amazing because I never DIY but this is pretty easy, so anyone can participate in this one.


(2) Spice up your clothes. If you’re bored with a denim vest or pair of jeans or denim cutoffs, you can just pin tons of badges or even sew patches onto them and they’ll feel new.

(3) It’s a somewhat cool statement without being too in your face. You can wear the patches or badges crowded or piled on or you can just pin them on. Whatever floats your boat.