Balance: Is it Achievable?


The Student Government Association (SGA) 2nd Vice President along with the Campus Activities Board hosted a panel discussion on balancing academics and extracurricular activities and overcoming obstacles on January 13th at 6:00 pm in the J.D. Boyd Library Auditorium.

The program began with a welcome, a brief explanation of what the event would entail and the introduction of the moderator, Timilehin Ogunwole by the Second Vice President, Jennifer Mba-Madubuike. Ogunwole began with a Bingo game as an ice breaker to ease the tension in the audience. The game created an avenue for the audience to interact with each other and the winners were given prizes. After that, the speakers, Tyler Wilson, a Senior majoring in Biology with a concentration in Pre Medicine, Tytiana Smith, a Senior studying Biology Pre Professional, and the current Senior Class President, Emmanuella Kyllians, a Junior Biology Pre Medicine major, Taea Jackson, a Junior Chemistry major with a concentration in Biochemistry and the current Junior Class President and Bismark Amoh, a Senior Biochemistry Pre Medicine major were called to the stage.

The panelists were asked a series of questions by the moderator. They were asked on the practical ways to achieve balance as a college student. Amoh and Jackson explained that during their early days in college, they were into journals and planners. However, they realized that they could not keep up with it, so they looked for more realistic ways like making a To-Do List and having a big calendar to note important things. Taea Jackson, who is in multiple organizations such as Impact, P.O.W.E.R., The Chemistry Club and many more, gave students advice on how to keep up with organizational dues and meetings while balancing school work.

Another key issue that was discussed at the program was internships. The panelists gave their opinions and shared their internship experiences. The most important point most of the speakers talked about was making sure to apply for the internships early because there are a lot of students from different schools applying for the same internships. Wilson stated, “I didn’t get an internship last Summer but I worked and being able to work a regular job, I realized that college is important.”

The panel also spoke about LinkedIn and how it helps students get in touch with employers all over the country. Jackson described LinkedIn as a social media resume where students get to advertise themselves. She also stressed the importance of a ‘LinkedIn moment’ which she described as when she has  business attire on, she views that as an opportunity to post on LinkedIn. Kyllians cited LinkedIn as a platform to gain access to opportunities that most people are not aware of. Smith stated, “Although I do not have a LinkedIn profile, hearing all of the great things about it, I challenge everyone, as well as myself, to make one so we can all be professional.”

The audience was given the opportunity to ask questions and to contribute to the discussion. The event ended and snacks were served.