Be Grateful

Things can get hard. it will be stuff that you can’t admit

All of the darkness in your life can really show within

You keep wondering and hoping that things pay off in the end

To be honest I’m Just trying to make it in this world of sin

It’s been L after L and I still just wanna win

Same blood, same DNA, but your own people act like you’re not kin

I just thank God because every single time I fell

It was His grace that kept me near

That’s why I don’t ever think I’m too good to try again

When I fall I just get up and I pick up where I left off

Can’t sit too long because that’s when the enemy will creep in

And sometimes it’ll be the ones you call your friends

In hindsight they pretend to be your eyes and ears

But the things being said in whispers is what they secretly fear

Hearing your goals and dreams as they enviously listen

The kind to act blind when you’re clearly and visibly gifted

You have to be careful because they don’t love you at all

They’ll be waiting for you to win just so you can break them off

Life will throw curves at you so just stay ready to play some ball

Just always keep your defenses up and stay ready for whatever comes your way

Janee Washington
Janee Washington
Janee Washington is a Senior Mass Communications major from New Orleans, Louisiana. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 school year.


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