Be Your Own Brand


Its 2018 and it is time for African Americans to be their own brand. No, Im not saying dont wear labels because we all know labels make the world go around. What Im saying is, in 2018  be yourself, allow your personal style to be shown each time you step out of your front door. Try that lip color that youve always wanted to try, cut your hair into a style that will shock  you but will also give you a dose of the happiness.

Go purchase that ‘safety orange piece of clothing that you saw your favorite Instagram model wear. By the way ‘safety orange’ is now the trending color for 2018 fashion. You can see this color in various designer’s runway shows such as Dsquared, Rick Owens, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford. The traffic-sign orange has taken the fashion world by storm. Want to know why it took the fashion world by storm? These designers were not afraid to try something new. They didnt care what others had to say.

You are your own brand and ambassador. Allow your personality to be seen through your day to day attire. Put on that bold abstract print patterned shirt that youve been eyeing for some time now and when you put it on wear it with pride. Go ahead and slip it on, now take a step back and look into the mirror. Ayyeee! Look at you progressing and building into your brand. Now since youve put on that bold print, go pull out that bold colored ensemble that’s been hanging in your closet. Yeah the one you thought was too colorful to be worn in public. BAM! Look at you out here living your best life. You have allowed yourself to break that barrier of self doubt and allowed the inner you to be shown.

Personal brands are not only for entrepreneurs that own their own business. Your brand is the secret sauce that can make you stand out amongst the crowd of other hype beast that only followed the safe trends but you decided to go beyond the norm and tried something new. If youre still not convinced on some of these 2018 trends, how about just putting on that brand logo tee and dressing it up or down. With this trend, youll still be in the mix of other fashionistas but youll also be in the realm of brand enhancing.

If you follow these steps to build your brand Im sure your next Instagram caption will be something like, “Call me Ragu because I be saucing,or Am I Italian, Ranch or Thousand Island because I know Im dressing. The moral of the story is to just be yourself, be your own brand and ride your own wave because once you hop on someone else’s wave you might just drown.