Being 20 in 2020


Peaceful protests or violence?
Now, why is everybody else so silent?
Because you’re unaffected, you’ve neglected it
but if the tables were flipped you’d be protecting it.
An innocent man was killed by a cop.
A situation that could’ve easily been stopped.
And the ones who stood around are just as guilty as the cop who held him down.
Now we’ve got riots in different towns
And cops who are going outta bounds.
I blame the system for its crooked ways.
It’s been set up against us, and that’s how it’s going to stay.
10 years from now, looking down at my baby’s black face
As I have to explain to him that being black is a race.
A race that you can not win.
A race that was set for you to lose once it begins.
And if you’re ever stopped by a cop, always comply, never defend
Because one easy mistake can be the very end.
But we’re not just a curse I must say.
We have the culture, our hair, and our long black braids.
The body, the curves, and I can’t forget the waves.
Black culture is everything.
AmeriKKKa wouldn’t be here without it and all that we bring.
We were forced to build this country, brought over, leaving our things.
It is us who helped build AmeriKKKa with the misguided message that it brings.
Something that was set but it doesn’t mean it rings.
So you don’t have an opinion if you’re not of color.
And if your child isn’t black or brown, you wouldn’t fully understand the killings of our brothers.
The killing of another,
The lives of black mothers.
The pain that we suffer,
The hurt that we cover.
Listen, we do this for the culture.
We do THIS for the culture.
You would’ve thought everything was still in black and white
But no, it’s in color.