Being Cautious of What You Become


Many people grew up knowing what they wanted to be. However others find out along the way through life experiences or an epiphany what they’re destined to do. Either way is fine as long as the person is mentally and physically prepared for the job. Being qualified by education or experience is not always enough to be good at your profession. Every job has its limits and causes you to make on the spot decisions. Some people cannot handle making on the spot decisions which is why they should choose careers that have less decision making as possible. With everything going on in the world, it is obvious that certain people are in the wrong professions. This is becoming dangerous for society and is causing me to wonder how did certain people get into their chosen professions.

Careers that deal with helping the world and human beings should not be given to just anyone. A police officer, a judge, a lawyer, a counselor, a pastor, a teacher, or a doctor should be examined on how they would handle certain situations before being hired. In many cases, these people are protected when they do wrong and get to go back to their profession as if nothing happened. There should be a change in allowing the bad apples to be categorized with the good ones. They’re good people in all professions, but the bad people tend to give the good people a bad reputation. Certain careers, at particular instances, can take a dramatic toll on a person’s life forever. In my opinion, I think that a person should have more than a degree or experience because none of that says how they will react in an unexpected situation.

Shooting an unarmed person, ignoring a student begging for help, sentencing someone to life because you personally think they deserve it, or hurting someone because you have the power to are all reasons why those type of people should not be in certain professions of authority. A biased or racist person should definitely watch which profession they choose because they cannot change how a person wants to live their life.  Just because you don’t like a person’s race, that does not give you the right to take their life away.

The individuals that are chosen to lead the United States should be encouraging world peace. At this point in time in America, we don’t need a president encouraging violence, ignorance, and pretending to care about important issues that need immediate attention.  What we need is someone who cares about the issues in our communities and someone who will admit that America has a lot of unresolved issues. When someone says, ” Let’s make America great again,”  I’m somewhat perplexed by this statement because in my humble opinion it has never been great. A good start to making it better is to choose the right people in professions that have a positive impact on people’s lives on a daily basis.