Brave Girls Rock: A Celebration of Alcorn Women


You’ve heard of Black Girls Rock, now Alcorn State University (ASU) presents Brave Girls Rock: A Celebration of Alcorn Women. The event was held on Monday, October 7, 2019 in the Student Union Ballroom at 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm during Bravechella, Alcorn’s Homecoming event. Brave Girls Rock is a celebration of black women and their road to success. The panelist touched on the latest topics affecting women.

Alcorn students had the opportunity to hear real world advice from two panels of distinguished women leaders. The first panel’s speakers were Judge Deborah McDonald, Dr. Felecia M. Nave (ASU’s President), Attorney Jennifer Riley Collins, and facilitator Theresa Kennedy. The second panel’s speakers were Dr. LaShundia Carson, Dr. Crystal Cook, Karen Flaggs and Shirley Ellis Stampley, and moderator Fermika Smith.

The first panel discussed the struggle of young women working together. “Women can work together, but I think we can still do better. We can show more support for each other because there is enough room for all of us to succeed,” said Dr. Nave. The discussion then lead to politics and the women gave helpful advice to the students who were interested in that field of work. The young women were deeply encouraged by the advice that the first panel gave and were more fueled to get out there and make themselves great leaders.

The second panel of women leaders discussed their journey to reaching success. Each panelist instilled in the girls to believe in themselves and set goals for the future. “I would encourage all of the young people to first and foremost get an education,” said Stampley. “I encourage you all to respect yourselves and respect others, set goals, and go further with determination. Also, be determined that you can be whatever you want to be. You control your future and your destiny.”

The leaders also encouraged the students to develop hobbies between work, so they won’t become completely stressed. “For every negative thought that you have, find something positive about the challenges that you face. Your stress will not last forever, said Cook. “Use the obstacles you’re experiencing to prepare for your future.”

The purpose of this event was to inspire the attendees to leave the panel feeling a new sense of pride and power to impact the world.