There are many things happening in schools today that parents don’t know about. One of those things is bullying and over the years we can all say that in some instances it ends with the victim committing suicide. It is becoming really bad especially in our younger generation because they think it’s fun. Bullying has been happening for years now and it’s only getting worse. Bullying is preventable but you have to be willing to prevent it.

A lot of newer cases of bullying happens over the internet which is called cyber bullying. But it’s even worse in schools now according to many news reports. There are reportedly over 40% of students who are experiencing bullying in school. Some kids who are not as mentally tough as others in school tend to drop out because the bullying is overbearing. It tends to make kids feel that they have no self-worth, they aren’t important, and that they mean nothing, which will often lead to depression that leads to suicide. Suicide is a serious situation now because no child should be pushed to take their own life.

There is a strong link between bullying and suicide, as suggested by recent bullying-related suicides in the US and other countries. I had a little cousin who was bullied in school but no one knew until she committed suicide. Bullying has major effects on a child’s life because they are so young and can’t handle the negative attention.

Parents should be aware of what’s going on with their child at school. They should ask them one simple question which is, “How was school today?” This could stop a lot of bullying because the issue can be addressed before it gets out of hand. The kids will talk to their parents if they just ask and show that they are concerned. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late and there’s nothing you can do because your child has already committed suicide. Get aware and communicate with your children.

I have experienced two family members who have taken their lives at early ages and it is not a good thing to go through. Sometimes you wish you could have helped them or noticed what they were going through. There should be mandatory seminars at school that should prevent students from committing suicide. Teach kids that their lives matter and that bullying is 100% preventable.