Career Services Department Holds Career and Internship Fair


On September 19th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in the James L. Bolden Student Union Ballroom, the Career Services Department held a Career and Internship Fair for students.

This event provided a space for students to earn on spot opportunities with companies that they wanted a career or internship with. Several vendors were present at this event such as City Year, Youth Villages, Rankin County School District, Trustmark National Bank, and many more. Director of the Career Services Department, Felicia Pitman, stated, “I expect the students to experience the opportunity to see what networking is about, get feedback on their resumes, and to really understand how important it is to come and be prepared and present yourself in a professional manner.”

There were many opportunities given at this event. Ingalls Shipbuilding, one of the largest military shipbuilding companies in the country, had a handful of information to offer at their table. Employees mentioned opportunities that involve a paid internship and onsite interviews. They mentioned how their company is different from others because they pay their interns. Also, The Natchez Police Department had information for students who were interested in a career in law enforcement. Sergeant Felicia Fleming of The Natchez Police Department stated, “Today we want to give students an avenue to possibly come down to our Department to take a civil service test which could lead to internships and more opportunities within our Department.”

Students came professionally dressed with the hopes of building their connections. Junior, Ayanna Lambert, from Gulfport, Mississippi stated, “I believe the Career Fair had a positive impact on students because it allowed us to come out and find out information for possible jobs and internships.”

For more information about future career development opportunities on campus, visit the Department of Career Services in the Campus Union.