Choosing the Best Color Scheme for the Well Dressed Man


The Spring of 2016 is here and I know that there are men out there running around like a chicken with its heads cut off searching for the perfect outfit.  From sear sucker to linen fabrics, every man’s closet should consist of very fine, yet comfortable clothing. Spring is a season that is catered to relaxing and showing off every unique mind that wants to add a twist to their wardrobe. In this week’s edition, I want to share with men those colors that will set them apart from every other male walking.

Choosing clothing colors that go well together is an art and a science. They even have a university degree in Color Theory. I’m going to try to make it easy for you to know which colors look good together and also look best on you. Let’s start with colors like yellow and orange that not only gives your outfit a boost but also your skin.  These colors attract natural light that gives some males a natural glow that every woman longs for.

Unless you’ve chosen a striking base like a brightly-colored suit, the feel of your outfit is going to be defined by the smaller accents.  The same neutral gray suit can become very different outfits when you start changing the shirt, tie, pocket square, and other accents that go with it.

Creating a well-matched outfit is a simple concept once perfected.  Your canvas clothing provides the background that you work on.  Your accent pieces define the color scheme.  Accents similar to the canvas colors gives you a matched, single-color look.

Accents that contrast with complementing colors give you a balanced, active appearance.  The real key is to make sure all your accents are doing the same thing.  A few matching accents and a few contrasting ones may end up looking confused rather than intentional.  The outfits below gives men an idea of how to mix and match.