Clean Up at the Lake


Saturday, September 14th at 4:00 pm marked a momentous occasion on the campus of Alcorn State University (ASU) when several students took the initiative to beautify the lake between Medgar Evers Village, John Burrus and Belluah Robinson dorms.

Ayanna Samuels-Francis, a Sophomore Mass Communications major from Las Vegas, Nevada spearheaded the event by announcing on her Twitter (-AyannaSamuels-) of her plans to rid the lake of pollutants and within hours she received numerous comments from students willing to help.

Samuels-Francis, who is passionate about serving her community, stated, “Being from Vegas the scenery Alcorn offers isn’t something I’m accustomed to. It’s beautiful to me. Its unique beauty was a deciding factor in my deciding to attend the University. So with the lake being in the condition that it was in was very disappointing and I knew something needed to be done.”

Once the group of difference makers were gathered around the lake to make it beautiful again they were provided with materials such as nets and trash bags to get started.

Auri-Anna Brown, a Sophomore Nursing major from Chicago, Illinois stated, “The lake clean up was an eye opening experience beause it was more trash in the pond than I expected. Not only was the lake cleaning effort beneficial to the campus but it created a bond between the people who participated in the event that will last for a life time.”

Once the cleaning was complete Samuels-Francis made it known that it felt good to do something so impactful and that she would definitely do it again if necessary. She stated, “I look forward to doing other community events that will help people and their environments.”