Colorful Socks: The Do’s and Don’ts for Men


Rules when it comes to picking out the perfect socks can sometimes be quite difficult.  The color of your socks should always match the color of your pants, but in all honesty I think the rule is too conventional.  Someone, maybe, could pull this off if they were attending a wedding, or the same old boring business meetings but it can be very hard trying to create a balance between a nice wardrobe and making yourself look uneasy about your outfit, so I am going to assist in fixing these problems.

When are you not allowed to wear bold socks?

The definition for bright socks is extremely vague, because bright socks can include flashy socks too so just stick to a solid colored sock. Do not attempt to wear any crazy patterned socks with any business attire because people will not take you seriously.  Colorful socks are really not meant to be worn if you are going to an occasion that doesn’t require your individuality to be put on display. I encourage anyone who reads my articles to challenge conventional rules, but you really need to be smart about it. Your socks are able to tell everyone else what type of person you are, and the color chosen can also detect what type of mood you are in.

When are you allowed to wear bright socks?

  • To add color coordination to your attire, mixing and matching your socks accordingly to any print or design will always get the job done.
  • Any occasion where you will be showing off your socks is perfect too.
  • To bring life to a simple outfit by wearing a bright pair of socks.  The pop of color can add personality and spice up the entire outfit. It’s simple but it’s an effective way to draw attention.
  • When the contrast of your socks and pants are at the same length between your shirt and pants.

How do you start a colorful sock collection?

I would first recommend that you try any department store such as The Men’s Wearhouse and The Rogue which are both great places to start.  The most common pattern seen at stores are argyle, so if you don’t like what you see, then the next thing would be to surf the internet.  Always think of items that you already have in your possession to match your socks with.  I hope that I have given some insight on choosing the perfect sock for the day, and I hope that you will continue to grow in menswear just as I have.