Continuing a Legacy of Greatness


Who is that gorgeous young lady leading the 2016-2017 Golden Girl (GG) dance line? Well that is none other than the high kicking, 360 degree spinning, hair whipping Captain of the Golden Girls, Olivia Brinson.

“The Alcorn State Golden Girls were the first dance troupe in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). They are known for their high energy routines, head whips, high kicks, and other high energy moves. The Golden Girls evolve each decade, but continue the legacy of being one of the best Historically Black College and University (HBCU) dance groups in the nation,” said Brinson.

What’s a good field show without an amazing eleven member dance line that is sure to captivate the crowd with their high kicks and energized choreography? Setting the standard for HBCU dance lines since 1968, the Golden Girls have given young women an outlet to express themselves through dance. For some it may be just another hobby but to many this is a lifestyle. Like every good team, there should always be someone to lead their team to victory on and off the field.

Brinson stated, “Every since I’ve been an Alcorn State University Golden Girl, I’ve traveled the country and I’ve had opportunities that I would not have had if I were not a member of this team. As I complete my senior year and continue this year as the captain, I stress to my teammates daily, Student first, Dancer second.”

On and off the field, the Golden Girls are scholars. With participation in various campus organizations and community service projects these young ladies have still managed to give stellar performances each and every time their feet hit the field.

“Being a Golden Girl is a passion for me but being a member of such an illustrious group can sometimes be very stressful but it’s imperative to maintain an impressive grade point average (GPA) so that I can maintain my position within the troupe,” according to Brinson.

With Alcorn being the first college or university to incorporate a dance line into their halftime field show, many spectators are amazed at the legacy that is being upheld each year. The GGs lead the Sounds-Of-Dyn-O-Mite in all of their performances from state to state, country to country and stadium to stadium, making memories that will stick for a lifetime and will forever hold a place in their hearts.

Brinson stated, “My most memorable moment as a Golden Girl was performing during halftime at the Saints’ game. That’s an experience that I’ll never forget. Hearing the crowd cheer for us as we danced on the field was amazing. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.”

For forty-eight years the Golden Girls have allowed their passion for dance to be shown in a spectacular way. With the continuation of a great legacy, the GGs will forever have a marker in HBCU history. When you hear the beat of the cadence rolling off of the head of the snare drum and the booming beat of the bass drum be sure to play close attention to those eleven dazzling beauties being led by Olivia Brinson. Not only pay attention but tell a little girl that can be her one day.