Cramming For Finals


It never fails. We, as students, always seem to cram for Finals when its nearby. Why not be prepared for it a month in advance? For most classes, students get stressed out about Finals and projects that are due before leaving for the Thanksgiving break, and most of the students cram because their grades aren’t where they want them to be. If you go through this situation, well, you better hope that your Instructor will work with you because not every teacher can be that nice. This is why you can’t start cramming at the last minute. It never bodes well for anyone. You will either stress enough to get bags under your eyes, or not have a good enough grade.

Statistics say it is better for students to study for Finals at least two weeks in advance rather than to study the day before. Having to do a Final’s project that you want to make sure is perfected is extremely stressful. If you do that at the last minute, you may have to stay awake until you have completed it. Nothing is more stressful than trying to stay awake an entire night for one assignment.  Doing everything in a timely manner including studying will have you on track the entire semester. DO NOT let procrastination get the best of you. This is why there are Mid-term grades that show you how you are doing thus far in the semester. If your Mid-term grades weren’t that hot then it’s time to play catch up to improve that grade.

Here are some tips on how to get through your Finals with ease.

1. Create your own study guide(s). (Do this for all of your tests.)

2. Start as early as possible.

3. Be well rested. Don’t lose sleep over studying.

4. Attend or organize study sessions.

5. Ask the teacher questions. (Never leave your class confused.)

6. Quiz yourself.

7. Color code your notes. (This actually helps a lot with remembering certain notes.)

8. Remove all distractions.

Hopefully these were helpful. As long as you don’t let yourself get into any negative academic predicament, you could have a good outcome at the end of the semester.