Dance is Life


Miata Hudson, better known by her dance name which is “MiMi Magic”, is a well known dancer born and raised in Fayette, Mississippi. Although Hudson grew up in Fayette, she attended the Cathedral School District from Kindergarten through second grade before transferring to the Jefferson County School District.

She realized early on in her life that she had a passion for dancing. Hudson stated, “I remember when I was younger, I saw Janet Jackson dance in the “Doesn’t Really Matter” video and it was an eye opening experience for me. In that moment I realized that this is what I wanted to do.” Even though she had a burning passion for the art of dance, Hudson quickly learned the skill of prioritizing at an early age making sure her school life did not clash with her passion for dance. A skill she would utilize heavily in her future.

Hudson spent her eleventh grade year studying at the Mississippi School of the Arts, furthering her love for dance. Although on the surface it seemed like a glamorous experience all around, it had its own set of trials and tribulations for her to face. While studying like a regular high school student, she had to live in a dorm like a college student and continue to further her craft by attending mandatory training and rehearsal sessions. The ability to balance school, dance and a social life proved to be difficult but not impossible. “I had to give all of my time to work but I still found time to practice and choreograph,” she says.

Once Hudson graduated high school she took her passion for dance with her. Upon attending Alcorn State University, she started a dance team on campus known as the Bravettes in the Summer of 2013. Hudson stated, “I was too big to make the other dance team on campus, so I made my own. The Bravettes where all about diversity. People come in different shapes and sizes.” With the help of a few people standing firmly behind her vision such as Carlisa Jenkins, Tamisha Thomas and Jacqueline Ford, Hudson continued pedaling forward towards her love for dance.

She currently teaches dance classes at Epic Dance and Fitness and owns her own dance company called Magic N’ Movement. Magic N’ Movement started on February 13, 2017 at Alcorn. “My mission through Magic N’ Movement is to highlight that special substance in a person through dance. I am a human being. The highest of the high get self esteem issues. I have flaws and I make mistakes and I have fallen. However, I can get back up and try again because God gives second chances. You are a beautiful human being and let no one take that from you,” says Hudson.

Although she’s already accomplished so much in her life, her journey is not over yet. Hudson has dreams of traveling the world and taking Magic N’ Movement worldwide, spreading sass and self love across the globe.