Dear Ebi: The Advice Column (February 15, 2018)


Dear Ebi,                                                                                                                                                      

I’m a Freshman at a very recognizable university in the South and it’s been a good year so far. My main complaint is the cleanliness of the dormitories. I was recently doing laundry and I saw a janitor come in to mop. I proceeded to move my clothes out of his way so he could mop but he said to me, “I’m just making it look like I’m doing something.” From hairy sinks, to clogged toilets, to moldy ceilings and showers, it seems like a FREE FOR ALL! How can I make this situation better and more suitable for me and the others who live
on campus?
Anything dealing with the negative aspects of a university can be a touchy subject. The problem with this situation can be blamed on anyone from the janitors to the residents. On one hand, the janitor may not be doing his job at all. On the other hand, it could be the residents being irresponsible and not picking up after themselves. My advice to you is to tell your Resident Assistant (RA) and show them all of the pieces of evidence of uncleanliness in the dorm. Secondly, MAKE SURE YOUR AREA IS TAKEN CARE OF. What you don’t want to do is talk about all of the other areas of the dorm and yours isn’t 100%. Lastly, if you see that telling your RA hasn’t helped, perhaps you should take pictures of different areas in the dorm, gather a group of friends that feel the same way and you all should take this information to the dean. Take charge in this situation because that is the only way that change will occur. I wish you the best.